The Enlaced Collection

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The Enlaced Collection

The Enlaced Collection

In celebration of women around
the world, FAWAZ GRUOSI
imagines the Enlaced Collection,
a new Fine Jewellery collection of
rings, earrings and pendants.
New talismans for today’s modern

Inspired by the ancient symbol of the love-knot that resonates through so many cultures, the Enlaced Collection’s sensual, free-flowing link-formations speak of the unbroken, eternal bonds between friends and family, and the inherent strength, loyalty and friendship so effortlessly shared between women. ​Fawaz Gruosi says, 'I've always found inspiration in the innate qualities of women; their power and their instinctive ability to connect.'​

​ Gold, diamonds and ceramic are woven into a precious, timeless knot, imbued with the past, celebrating the present and looking far into the future. ​

Crafted in white or rose gold, the rings are signature Fawaz Gruosi. Known for his generous designs that hug the skin, the rings invite touch and interaction with their looping, joyful interplay of ovals. Like a continual pen-line rendered in precious metal that encompasses the finger in a single flourish, they are a playful and elegant adornment for every day.

“I am intrigued with the aesthetics of pure design, of strong and striking colours, of form, line and light, sumptuous and simple, sophisticated yet playful, ultimately feminine.”

The design reveals two elements. The first, a looping body that encases the finger in a way that curves generously and comfortably around the skin. The second, a single oval caught in the embrace of the primary composition, that while entwined within the structure, is completely unattached. ​We had to find a technical solution to place this element into the body of the ring’, says Patrick Affolter, Jewellery Director at Fawaz Gruosi. ‘As in all magic tricks, there is a trick, but it is a secret. To achieve this, we have relied on the immense experience and dexterity of our jewelers.​​

A design classic and jewellery staple, Fawaz Gruosi reimagines the hoop earring with contemporary flair. The design is recognisable yet wholly new. Two ovals interlock; the first sits on the front of the ear; the second begins at the front before looping around the back. The Geneva workshops took advantage of 3D techniques to ensure full dexterity of the intertwining elements, ensuring the perfect quality of each jewel.​

The combination of precious and high-tech materials contemporizes the classic love-knot paying homage to the past, while continuing to strive for modernity through innovative design.​

Ceramic is introduced in three variations: ivory, black and turquoise, adding a unique sheen, off-set against rose or white gold. Ceramic is elevated and made precious through its exquisite handling and design context. ​​​

Semi or fully-paved versions offer a full range of possibilities. Fully diamond-set pieces are offered with generously proportioned stones. Patrick Affolter, says, ‘the diamond-set pieces are set with a single line of stones. But what a line of stones! The diamonds we chose are large in diameter, but squeezed tightly together to leave as little metal as possible between them. It was one of Mr. Gruosi’s specific wishes.’
​​Gold and diamond pendants complete the collection and echo the intriguing interlocking design of the earrings. ​

​To wear a piece from the Enlaced Collection is a reminder that no matter the circumstances we are deeply connected – enlaced forever - to those that we hold dearest in our hearts in ways that cannot be broken. ​

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