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The Colorissima Collection

​ An homage to Fawaz Gruosi’s very own notion of joie de vivre, Colorissima is characterised by a spontaneous use of colour and an exploration of material and technique. It channels the simple insouciance of festivity and is a story to be continued... ​

The jewels that are a part of Colorissima evoke the feeling of beautiful summer evenings spent sipping cocktails around Paraiba-blue waters, of moments spent in the sun, moments of happiness. These are jewels that hold the potent essence of sunny days, speaking to the hearts of women that dream passionately and live with joy.

These are jewels that remind us of sweet childhood memories, of candy-coloured lollipops, sugared almonds in pastel tones and seductively soft caramels. Bright, colourful pieces are accentuated by the masterfully delicate work that goes behind the creation of each singular piece.
Fawaz Gruosi plays with colour with passionate creativity, seeking out unexpected and unmatched colour palettes.


​ “I remember being fascinated by the colours that surrounded me, as if they were trying to communicate something deeper. My memories are made of colours, with these jewels I wanted to explore the way that colour and emotions work in harmony”.

The gemstones that he chooses are abundant with light, choosing to use a combination of precious stones and hardstones such as blue topaz, rubellite, turquoise, pink opal, amethysts, emeralds and citrine in its full spectrum of colour from yellow, orange, red, green, blue, pink and purple.
Colourful gemstones are expertly worked to appear soft and rounded, giving off a generous feeling of comfort when worn.


The collection boasts a minty 22.7 carat emerald-cut prasiolite, delicately resting on matcha-hued jade that is placed atop a luminous bed of chlorophyll tsavorites. Or, a striking 23 carat emerald-cut kunzite that rests on a 9.85 carat amethyst plate, the colour of violet candies, encased in a rose-gold body set with 394 brilliant-cut pink sapphires. A glowing adornment, the cocktail ring is reinvented by Fawaz Gruosi with an opulent monochromatic touch.

A pair of glowing bracelets completes the Colorissima Collection. The first is a voluminous bracelet in the shape of an X that is lavishly set with blue topaz and rich amethysts. The second is a rose-gold cuff, bathed in the glow of emerald-cut citrines that are set in a sparkling matrix of fuchsia sapphires.
‘All the stones have been specifically cut to create a gradient’​ explains Patrick Affolter. ‘As for the navette-cut stones, they have all been set on the pointed edges to create a feeling of lightness, as if they have been delicately placed on the bracelet’.

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