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​To rediscover the full power of touch, Fawaz Gruosi presents an extraordinary selection of jewels for extraordinary times.​

A moment, for ever​
Celebration, an instant that refracts through the times. The joy of newfound closeness. Hand in hand, intimacy back in our midst. In unity, our convergence. In jewels, a story lives time and again.​

​Memories, Unexpected.​

A woman's journey across vibrant colours, precious metals and rare gems. The bright path along exquisite shape and craftsmanship. A day’s elevation into the night. That epic saga of life and love, of family and friends, where every jewel sparks memories, unexpected.​


Proustian remembrance is sparked with the graze of cabochon emeralds on the skin: The frisson of high jewellery in its full glory.

With the thrilling touch of emeralds & rubies, a wave of emotions that can only be conjured up by Fawaz Gruosi’s creations.

Blue Allure​

The unrestrained imagination of Fawaz Gruosi, married with an inimitable eye for colour. The result: unfiltered, pure, iconic High Jewellery. ​

Electric blue sapphires multiply their mineral allure either set against vivid emeralds or framed by white diamonds.​

A statement that is unashamedly bold, elegantly graphic and 100% Fawaz Gruosi.

​“The heart of our design is where beauty takes precedence over any predefined boundaries.”

Sisterly Love

A vision of sisters in arms blossoms on leafy gardens of full-coloured rubies. Spectacularly, gemstones dangle from drop earrings and glide on a bracelet as flaming red flowers afield on a windy afternoon.

To complete this High Jewellery set, deep green emeralds flank rubies in a statement ring. A chic exercise in graphic boldness to celebrate the first anniversary of the Fawaz Gruosi flagship in London’s Berkeley Square.​

​“To bring freshness and excitement to jewellery is to always seek surprise.”

A Green & White Gala

Jewellery, as conceived by Fawaz Gruosi, leads in unexpected directions. From the neck, an arrow points to our heroine’s core. Framing her ear, a line hints at the sky.​

Gestures of graphic opulence uphold a High Jewellery set of choker, ring and earrings. With supreme elegance, Colombian emeralds are laid upon beds of further emeralds and diamonds.​

An unforgettable design, bringing to present tense glorious memories of unabashed glamour.

of Togetherness​

Mother and daughter, lovingly wrapped in nude tones: The warmest backdrop for High Jewellery in decidedly festive colours.​

Passion-red rubies and electrifying emeralds, chosen for their shade in the exact green of Costa Smeralda waters.

The Black
& White Ball

Secrets and confidences, in two colours. Playfully graphic. Resolutely modern.

An evening earring, in black ceramic and white diamonds, strives for perfection on the red carpet. The ring, also in ceramic and diamonds, confidently confirms a message of knowing elegance.​

And the Enlaced watch, certain to catch every moment in signature Fawaz Gruosi style: Elegantly counterintuive. Boundlessly creative.

Fraternal Pas À Deux​

Fawaz Gruosi’s homage to women takes on novel forms. Tokens of the communal and personal powers that nurture the woman of now. ​

Unbreakable bonds, in the form of custom chain links in rose gold. Individual softness, channeled across both ivory and black ceramic. The eternal search for light, signalled in white diamonds.

​“It is the right time. My own time to formulate new ideas, to find new directions, to evolve.”​


Leading the Memories, Unexpected. edit, an ethereal set of earrings and ring in rose gold, white diamonds and pink ceramic.

The strength of infinity shapes is set against softness in the choice of colours: A design ethos to reveal our heroine as she journeys day into night.

A show of creation as understood by Fawaz Gruosi. When opposites attract. When logic & passion become compatible. Expect the Unexpected.

Friendship, Reunited​

Darling friends, dangling jewels. Chandelier earrings in amber, citrine and yellow sapphires cleverly offset the new Wave ring in rose gold, white diamonds, black and pink ceramic.

In unity, precious metals, sui generis materials, myriad stones and their colours. The unexpected marriage of craft and whimsy.​

Because this is Fawaz Gruosi. Where surprise is key to mastering the art of living.

Love, Enlaced

Essentials for a time of renewed intimacy and contact: Gold and diamonds to signify endurance. Enlaced lines to symbolise reunion.

Enhanced with a touch of boldness. Maximised by irreverent curves. Enlaced to fuse jewellery and memory.

Mastery in construction, fantasy in high watchmaking: Associations, Unexpected.

Together, Forever

The urge to be close again. Hand in hand, to share a bright outlook. Thus sparks the Ribbon collection of rings and earrings, a sinuous new design by Fawaz Gruosi in rose gold and white diamonds.

Intimacy. Wearable, Forever. Configured into material memory by the hands of our artisans in Geneva.

Destined to be worn as beautiful depository of today’s memory, tomorrow.

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