Fawaz Gruosi

Fawaz Gruosi is a man of contrasts and contradictions, both classic and avant-garde, shy and sensitive yet warm and gregarious. His hand carries an unmistakable presence, a love and devotion to colour, to life, to the emotive and to the vibrant. 

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Fawaz Gruosi

Today, as Fawaz Gruosi embarks on the next stage of his life's adventure, the quest continues in pursuit of originality and mesmerising modernity. Now with a new dimension, a new sensitivity that reveals so much more of the man and the artist.

Fawaz Gruosi

The Man

Born to an Italian mother and Lebanese father, Fawaz Gruosi spent his first years in Beirut, before moving to Florence, the epicentre of the Italian Renaissance, where he grew up. Fawaz, aged just 17, started work as a sales assistant to the legendary Florentine jeweller Torrini.  

His innate eye for beauty and natural charm brought swift success and before long he was working for international jewellery houses, including Harry Winston, first in London and then, in the late 70s, in Saudi Arabia. In 1982, his talent was spotted by Gianni Bulgari, who brought Fawaz Gruosi around the world, to look after Bulgari's global VIP clientele.

“My mind finds inspiration in unexpected places, quiet spaces, in contrasts and paradox.”

“I never sit down to think what I can do or not do. Whatever I see, wherever I am, a flower, a painting, an idea, I just put it on paper. And then it turns into something totally different.”

The Artist

For Fawaz Gruosi, creativity was never about caution, he ceaselessly searches for the new and extraordinary. In 2018, in his quest for autonomy and creative freedom, Fawaz Gruosi parted ways with the company he had founded. This decision gave him much-needed time and space for reflection, to consider where he wanted to go and what he would most like to do next.

He knew he could use his new-found freedom to explore new materials and techniques, to revel in the coloured stones he so loves, to take more risks. This was his chance to be himself, to express himself, to surprise and thrill.

“My pursuit of beauty lies in the desire to seek out the life and poetry of stones through exceptional craftsmanship, freed from convention, allowing the stones to tell their own unexpected stories.”