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Monochrome suite

Blending extreme abstraction and a hint of Art Deco sophistication with sculptural forms, the generously undulating and asymmetrical surfaces are pavé-set with white and ‘icy’ diamonds – diamonds with a mist of inner inclusions – all punctuated with black onyx cabochons sublimed by touches of rubies. A sign of Fawaz Gruosi’s unprejudiced appreciation of gemstones and his challenge to preconceptions of idealised beauty.

Ruched Retro Bracelet

Reigniting the glamour of 1940s cocktail style, this technicolour bracelet is elegantly supple, composed of stylised frill-like elements of carved turquoise and pear-shaped emeralds, each lined with rubies. Glamourous, feminine: heavenly turquoise is elevated through its liaison with emeralds and immaculate craftsmanship. The reverse of the bracelet is finished in pierced and polished intricate openwork, through which can be seen the meticulously cut and set turquoise segments. 

Contemporary and Timeless Duo

A silhouette formed by curvaceously linear branches, pavé-set with blue sapphires that blossom into lush clusters of emerald briolettes from which pear-shaped sapphires are suspended. The asymmetry and mix of form, shape and cut of stones choreograph this lyrical composition with its tropical beat, so evocative of the unstoppable forces of nature. The sense of movement is echoed in the ring centred on a spectacular emerald-cut sapphire, its crisp geometry wrapped in graduated crescents of baguette-cut diamonds and emeralds. 

Organic Architecure

This ring inspired by a sea urchin, is set off-centre with an emerald-cut rubellite, of deep rich red-wine hue, encased in arching spines of carved pink opal and diamonds, all set in rose gold to enhance the combination of stones. The oval can be turned to three different positions: horizontal, vertical or at an angle, demonstrating the kinetic leitmotif behind Fawaz Gruosi’s unmistakable style.

Emerald Flamboyance

Emerald beads of intoxicating colour, perfectly matched in hue, tone and saturation. A three-row necklace that allows the emeralds to shine supreme, spacing them with small rubies adding flamboyance to the sculptural piece. The necklace echoes the bangle designed as a double band, one wrapped in pavé-set emeralds, flooded in hypnotic colour to complement the second band of emerald beads, alternating with rubies to weave mesmerising rhythmic ripples of light, shade and texture. 

Eternal Oval Silhouette

Earrings designed as continuous intertwined ovals. An ode to the sensual fluidity of emerald and ruby beads in a graphic and geometric silhouette. Light titanium surmounts designed as twisted tubes are crafted for lightness, and then pavé-set with rubies and emeralds –a feat of technical ingenuity and prowess, in part due to the hardness and intransigence of titanium as a material. 

Dramatic Combination

This set of turquoise and diamond ring and earrings plays with contrasts of light, colour and texture, opacity and translucency, conjuring images of a sunlit Mediterranean sky. The ring, one of a series in different hardstones and colourways, is a sleek, pointed, graphic oval, in which the smooth ellipse is split between precision cut and carved turquoise and pavé-set oval-cut diamonds. In the earrings, the oval is a continuous linear flow from the softened triangular carved turquoise surmount to the draped and fluid concentric diamond loops, a contrast of the sculptural and statuesque with sensuality and movement, opaque vibrant colour with limpid diamond light. 

Rubies in Motion

An artistic and technical tour de force, the bangle of black rhodium-plated pink gold is lavishly pavé-set with rubies, from which appears to grow a tangle of rose-gold branches, lusciously fringed with fully flexible marquise-cut rubies. The fringe is constructed like fur, soft layer upon layer, to fall over the back of the hand, to caress the skin. Designed to be in constant movement, with each gesture of the arm or hand, the irresistible tactile sensuality of the fringe is heightened by the whisper-soft sound made by the rush of rubies. In this masterpiece, the concept of movement that is a defining feature of Fawaz Gruosi creations, becomes both literal and linear, physical and conceptual, turning the jewel into a multi-sensory experience. 


Creating a sumptuously rich contrast of emeralds and rubies, and with a Florentine Renaissance flavour, the monumental ring is centred on an exceptional 13.74 carat Colombian emerald of very particular shape, merging between a round, heart and a pear-shape. The emerald is enveloped in a voluptuous embrace of pavé-set rubies, wrapping, snake like, around the stone and the finger. The earrings, asymmetric, show Fawaz Gruosi’s move towards a more modernist, abstract style, the gently jagged linear shapes, paved in rubies, generously fringed with pear-shaped emerald drops, a mix of shape, form and colour, of geometry and sensuality; add another entirely new interpretation of the classic chandelier earring.

Monumental Cocktail Ring

In his exploration of new materials, Fawaz Gruosi introduces green jade, of deep, even colour, characteristic of the finest quality, carved into sensuously serpentine, organic shapes that entwine themselves through a bed of deep-hued amethysts. The combination of colour is mesmerising, sultry and mysterious accentuated by the contrast of textures, the glossy opacity of the jade and the clarity and majesty of the amethysts.